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What are the steps for completing my profile and starting to teach online lessons on Repetry?

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the steps for completing your profile and starting to teach online lessons on Repetry:

  1. Personal Information:
    • Fill out the application form with your:
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Birthday (Date of Birth)
      • Country of Residence
      • Email Address
      • Phone Number
  2. Language Skills:
    • Specify your:
      • Native Language
      • Languages You Speak (aside from your native language)
      • Level of Language Proficiency for each language (ranging from A1 to C2)
  3. Teaching Language:
    • Choose the language(s) you want to teach and specify:
      • Proficiency Levels you’re comfortable teaching (from beginner to advanced)
      • Level of Students you’re prepared to teach (from beginners to native speakers)
      • Preferred Age Group of your students
      • Describe Your Teaching Methodology and Experience
      • Set Your Price per Lesson in US dollars
  4. Teaching Introduction Video:
    • Record a separate introduction video for each language you plan to teach.
    • Keep the video content clear and engaging, focusing on your teaching style and skills.
    • Upload the videos to your profile.
  5. Your Presentation:
    • Add a Profile Photo (Avatar):
      • Ensure the photo is at least 600×600 pixels, with a clearly visible, smiling face.
    • Record a Self-Introduction Video:
      • Introduce yourself personally, mentioning your life experiences, skills, previous job roles, etc.
    • Upload the photo and video to your profile.
  6. Your Experience:
    • Introduce yourself in the text box provided, highlighting your qualifications, experiences, teaching style, and approach to language learning.
    • Detail your:
      • Education: Educational institution, specialization, year of graduation, and degree obtained.
      • Previous Job Experiences: Provide insights into your professional background and teaching expertise.
      • Certifications: If you have any relevant certifications, mention them here to enhance your profile.
  7. Schedule Availability:
    • Establish your availability for teaching by specifying:
      • Days and times you are available for lessons on an hourly basis for each day of the week.
      • Select your preferred communication tool for online lessons (Google Meet or Zoom).
    • Optionally, sync your availability with Google Calendar for better scheduling management.
  8. Special Discount Program:
    • Decide if you want to participate in the program and choose between offering a system-based discount or using promo codes for discounts.
    • Consent to the platform’s mechanism for discount distribution or promo code usage.
    • Set your discount terms, if applicable.

By completing these steps diligently, you’ll create a comprehensive profile that showcases your teaching skills, expertise, and personality, allowing you to attract and engage students effectively on Repetry.