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How to fill out the language proficiency field?

Teaching languages marks the third stage of completing a tutor application on Repetry, posing potential challenges for some users. However, the process is straightforward. At this stage, you need to specify the language you want to teach, your proficiency level, preferred student age group, and the level of language proficiency your prospective students should possess.

Additionally, specify the languages you speak at a level sufficient for active communication and explaining lesson topics. These languages may not necessarily be the ones you plan to teach on the platform. 

If you are planning to teach more than one language, please fill in the information for one language first: indicate your level of proficiency, describe your teaching methodology and curriculum features, and specify your wishes regarding age and language proficiency levels of the students. 

To add another language, use the ‘Add another language’ button.

The real intrigue lies in the subsequent sections, where you’re required to fill in two fields:

  • Short description for students;
  • Full description for students.

The short description, up to 30 words, should capture the attention of potential students. For instance:

“I’m a native English speaker and experienced online tutor specializing in literature, public speaking, and famous speeches.”

In the longer description, you delve into why students should choose you for learning their chosen language, emphasizing your language expertise, teaching style, and methodologies. For example:

“With 7 years of experience, my English students develop a deep appreciation for the culture and excel in their language skills. I specialize in literature, use Living Language books, and offer various resources like recording equipment, worksheets, and textbooks. I cater to all levels of learners!”

Here’s what to avoid when filling out these fields:

❌ Avoid writing about yourself in the third person.

❌ Do not include contact or personal information in the description.

❌ Refrain from addressing Repetry administration.

❌ Avoid duplicating the same text for different languages.

❌ Do not include irrelevant information like hobbies or unrelated professional experiences.

Stay vigilant and adhere to these guidelines; otherwise, your applications may face rejection.