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How to capture a high-quality tutor profile photo

Your profile photo on Repetry is crucial in making a positive first impression on potential students. It not only showcases your professionalism but also reflects your personality.

To help you select the best photo for your Repetry profile, follow these guidelines:

Visibility ✅

Ensure your face and eyes are fully visible in the photo, except for religious reasons.

Composition ✅

Center and upright positioning is essential for a well-composed photo.

Quality ✅

Use a color photo with high resolution and avoid applying filters that alter your appearance.

Lighting and background ✅

Opt for neutral lighting and background to keep the focus on you.

Expression ✅

Smile and maintain eye contact by looking directly into the camera. Let your photo exude warmth and approachability, as if you were greeting students at your first lesson.

Photos to Avoid

To maintain professionalism and compliance with platform guidelines, avoid the following types of photos:

Logos or contact information ❌

Photos containing logos or contact details are not permitted.

Other people ❌

Ensure you are the sole focus of the photo for legal reasons.

Borders or frames ❌

Photos with borders or frames detract from your professional image.

Quality issues ❌

Blurry, heavily edited, or black and white photos are not suitable.

Accessories and animals ❌

Avoid wearing hats, sunglasses, masks, or including animals in your photo.

Cropped or inappropriate composition ❌

Head-to-waist photos or those with improper cropping are not accepted.

❗ Important note

To expedite the approval process, adhere to these guidelines strictly when submitting your profile photo. Failure to meet these requirements may result in delays in your registration process. Remember, Repetry works diligently to connect you with more students, and following these guidelines enhances your visibility and appeal to potential learners.

For further assistance or clarification regarding profile photo guidelines, refer to our Help Center or contact our support team.

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