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When and how will I get paid for lessons?

As soon as a student books a lesson with you, they need to confirm it in their personal account. They can do this manually. If they do not confirm or cancel it within 24 hours, the lesson will be automatically confirmed. After that, the money for the lesson will be credited to your tutor account on the Repetry platform, minus the platform’s commission. This is your net income, which you can then withdraw using payment systems (more on this below).

About commissions

Repetry adheres to the most loyal commissions so that tutors can earn more, and the platform can function fully at the same time. At the moment, the commission is fixed and is 23% of each lesson. For example, if a lesson costs $10, then you will receive $7.7.

In the future, a dynamic commission system will be introduced, ranging from 15% to 33% based on task completion and tutor status. Starting at 33%, tutors can work towards reducing their rate through specific activities, potentially reaching as low as 15%. It’s a system designed to incentivize engagement and maximize earnings.

Please note: the commission for the first trial lesson with you is 100%. This initial commission covers a portion of the acquisition cost and enables us to offer special incentives to attract more students. For tutors, it’s a valuable opportunity to establish connections with students, plan future learning paths, and encourage students to purchase additional lessons, benefitting from discounts on lesson packs and more. 

Additionally, this commission structure accounts for the possibility of students requesting a refund if unsatisfied, ensuring a risk-free experience for students while supporting tutors in delivering their best service.

How it works

If a student buys a package of 6 lessons from this tutor for the first time, then the first lesson will not be paid for upon completion, but all the following 5 will be. 

This policy applies specifically to the first trial lesson with each new student. However, if a trial lesson has already been conducted previously, the tutor will receive full payment minus the commission for all subsequent lessons with that student.

About lesson packages

We facilitate students in saving and planning their learning effectively, which is beneficial for both students and tutors. Accordingly, we’ve implemented a discount system and provided three accessible package options.

Students have the opportunity to purchase lessons in packages of several pieces (3, 6, 12). The more lessons in the package, the bigger the discount for the student (5-15%). This encourages consistency in learning and allows students to save money as they purchase more classes. For tutors, this means they receive payment for the lesson taking into account the student’s discount.

For example, let’s say the standard tutor rate is $20, but the student bought 6 lessons with a 10% discount. In this case, the tutor’s reward will be $20 minus the 10% discount and minus commission. It’s important to note that this discount is not solely borne by the tutor but is a solidarity discount shared between the tutor and the company.

If the tutor did not confirm participation in the bonus program upon registration, then there will be no discounts for package lessons. Nevertheless, this is a profitable tool for attracting more students.

Withdrawing money

To receive payments from our platform, you can use one of the available withdrawal methods. We currently offer withdrawals through WISE, PayPal and Payoneer to transfer the money from your internal Repetry wallet to your withdrawal account.