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How to pay taxes if you’re a tutor on Repetry?

❌ Repetry is not a school or language course provider. 

✅ We are an international platform that facilitates educational services for those looking to learn foreign languages. When you sign up as a tutor, your profile becomes accessible to a global audience, enabling students to view and purchase lessons from you directly.

As a tutor on Repetry, you operate as a self-employed individual, responsible for managing your own tax obligations. This autonomy allows you to teach on your terms but also requires you to handle your income reporting and tax payments according to the tax laws of your country of residence.

You can access a detailed transaction history within your account, which provides a comprehensive record of the payments received from students. 

Tax laws can be complex and vary significantly across different countries. Therefore, consulting with a tax professional is highly recommended. They can offer tailored advice, helping you understand your tax obligations, explore potential deductions, and ensure compliance with local tax regulations. 

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