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How are lessons conducted and student progress tracked on Repetry?

On Repetry, lessons are conducted online using platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, or others, based on the preference of the tutor and student. To participate in these online lessons, students will need a computer with a microphone and webcam.

Once a student schedules a lesson, they will have access to a calendar in their personal account, which displays their lesson schedule along with the designated times. Additionally, students receive notifications prior to their scheduled lessons to remind them of upcoming sessions.

During the lessons, the tutor takes charge of tracking student progress. They also formulate the lesson plans and determine the topics to be covered based on the student’s needs and learning objectives. By actively engaging with students during lessons, tutors can monitor their progress, address any challenges, and provide feedback to ensure effective learning outcomes.

Overall, Repetry provides a user-friendly platform for conducting online lessons, facilitating communication between tutors and students, and enabling efficient tracking of student progress throughout their learning journey.