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Business English

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Can I start learning without any English experience?

To study Business English, you need at least a basic level of English, B1 or higher.

How much do Business English lessons cost?

Business English lessons online range from $5-10 per lesson. Teachers set their prices individually, and discount systems are available for students.

What is the lesson format, and how many are needed for conversational competence?

On average, up to 6 months are sufficient to master Business English. All lessons are conducted online, lasting 30 to 60 minutes. Students typically have classes 1-2 times a week.

In the business world, the term "Business English" is frequently used. It refers to a specialized subset of the English language, characterized by specific terms and concepts relevant to the professional environment. These linguistic expressions, words, and concepts are typically not covered in beginner language courses and are not necessary for everyday use. However, if you work in a specialized field, an intensive Business English course is essential.

Such a course enables deeper immersion into your profession. For example, in IT technology, it's necessary to know the terminology related to programming languages, development processes, and more.

Business English should be studied if you already have a B1-B2 level of English knowledge.

Repetry as a Platform for Mastering Business English

Often, the need to learn Business English arises unexpectedly. This could be due to a job change or the need for professional development. Some may find employment in an English-speaking country and need to improve their language skills.

In any situation, Repetry can help. It's an online platform for learning foreign languages with top teachers. Simply choose a tutor, book lessons at your convenience, and start learning via video communication. This is convenient and time-saving, as there's no need to travel to an offline school or adjust to a fixed class schedule.

The Importance of Business English in Today's World

According to Global English Corporation, about 70% of international deals are conducted in English, making it not just a language of international communication but also a primary tool in international business. Professionals proficient in Business English are 40% more likely to get promoted and earn 30% higher salaries compared to those who don't have this skill.

This is because Business English enables effective negotiations with foreign partners, participation in international conferences and presentations, and expansion of professional networks. Moreover, it provides access to current business information, as most critical research, reports, and business news are published in English.

Comparing Language Learning Methods

There are various approaches to learning, with online group courses and individual online lessons being particularly notable.

Online group courses offer a unique blend of personal interaction and structured learning. Students can interact with each other and the teacher, which fosters communication skills development. However, this approach can be limiting due to a fixed schedule and the general learning pace set by the group's level.

On the other hand, individual online lessons offer much more flexibility and personalization. Students can learn at their own pace and schedule, ideal for busy professionals. This method also allows focusing more closely on the specific language needs and goals of each student.

Effective Use of English in Professional Communication

Effectively using Business English in professional communication opens up vast opportunities after completing online courses. For instance, you can participate in international projects requiring interaction with colleagues from different countries. Mastery of specialized vocabulary allows you to articulate your thoughts clearly in reports and presentations, crucial for discussing financial results, marketing strategies, or technical project aspects. Additionally, this skill is necessary for conducting business correspondence with foreign partners, where precision and professionalism in word and phrase choice are essential.

Proficiency in Business English also improves your chances of successfully interviewing with international companies, where the ability to articulate your thoughts convincingly in a foreign language is often required. For example, you could describe your project management experience, demonstrate understanding of global market trends, or discuss innovative ideas, significantly enhancing your value as a professional on an international level.

Exercises and Cases for Developing Communication Skills

Exercises and case studies are an important part of learning English. One effective method is role-playing, which simulates business situations like negotiations, project presentations, or contract discussions. This helps develop both verbal and non-verbal communication aspects. Analyzing and discussing real business cases allows applying the learned language material in real business contexts.

However, despite the availability of self-study methods like online courses, audiobooks, and mobile apps, self-study often cannot fully replace learning with a teacher. Working with a qualified instructor provides direct feedback, pronunciation correction, grammatical error correction, and help in developing business correspondence and communication skills.

Why Use Repetry for Learning Business English

If you need Business English for beginners, consider using the Repetry platform. Key benefits include:

  • Over 100 experienced teachers;
  • Flexible lesson scheduling;
  • Affordable lesson prices;
  • An open teacher rating system;
  • An intuitive interface.

With Repetry, you can learn business English in just six months. See for yourself!

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