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Does Repetry offer a bonus or rewards program?

At Repetry, we believe in rewarding both our tutors and students for their commitment to learning and teaching. That’s why we offer a special discount program designed to benefit both parties and enhance the overall learning experience.

For tutors, participating in our discount program can significantly boost their profile and attract more students. Tutors who offer discounts not only stand out among their peers but also enjoy increased bookings. By consenting to the sale of lessons with system-based discounts, tutors open themselves up to a wider pool of potential students who are drawn to the added value of discounted lessons.

The mechanics of our discount program are simple yet effective. When students opt to purchase a larger number of lessons (3 or more), they become eligible for a discount ranging from 3% to 10%. Our platform determines the applicable discount based on the lesson packages available and applies it automatically during the booking process. Additionally, tutors can further incentivize bookings by utilizing promo codes, which students can enter at checkout to receive discounted rates. Promo codes come with quantity limits and set durations, ensuring fairness and control over their usage.

Participating in the discount program not only attracts more students but also yields several benefits for tutors. Firstly, offering discounts can significantly increase lesson sales, appealing to a broader audience seeking value for their money. Secondly, discounted packages can encourage repeat business, as students are more likely to return for additional lessons when they perceive added value. Lastly, providing discounts can strengthen the tutor-student relationship, as students appreciate the opportunity to save money while advancing their skills.

By leveraging our discount program, tutors can distinguish themselves in a competitive market, attract more students, increase sales, foster repeat business, and build stronger relationships with their students. It’s a win-win situation for both tutors and students, making the learning journey on Repetry even more rewarding and fulfilling.