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Creating your video introduction: a step-by-step guide

Your video introduction serves as your first impression to potential students, making it a crucial element in your teaching journey. It’s your opportunity to showcase your personality, teaching style, and language proficiency in a concise and engaging manner. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps to create a compelling video introduction that captures the attention of your audience and sets you apart as a standout tutor on Repetry.

Why record a video introduction

Your introduction video is a personal marketing tool designed to present you as an engaging and competent tutor to potential students. 

This video is your chance to directly speak to the students, highlighting your unique teaching style, expertise, and personality. 

Aim to make your video student-centered, focusing on how you can meet their learning needs and goals, thereby encouraging them to see you as the ideal tutor for their educational journey.

Video for teaching language & your presentation

When filling out your tutor profile, you have the opportunity to upload videos at two key stages.

In the first stage, you can upload a separate video for each language you teach. 

This is your chance to speak directly in the teaching language, sharing your plans, methodology, and what students can expect from your lessons. At this stage, you should not upload videos about your hobbies, pastimes, and life stories. Language skills only. 

If you’re teaching more than one language, you have the option to upload a video for each or just choose one language to focus on. It’s also possible to skip this step if you prefer.

The next stage requires a mandatory video where you introduce yourself, detailing your teaching experience and methodology. 

If you didn’t upload a language-specific video in the first step, this is your opportunity to combine both your self-introduction and language teaching overview into one comprehensive video.

Key requirements for your video

Every presentation video you create for Repetry must adhere to the following MANDATORY requirements:


Ensure your video is recorded in a well-lit area featuring a light-colored or white background, avoiding dark settings, shadows, or colorful elements. The background should be free of interior or outdoor scenes, not filmed during nighttime. 

Optimal backgrounds are light walls without decorative items such as pictures or furniture, ensuring a professional and distraction-free presentation.


Create a video lasting between 30 seconds and 2 minutes; shorter or longer videos are not recommended.


Record your video in horizontal mode and at eye level to ensure a professional appearance. Vertical videos, such as those formatted for Instagram stories or TikTok, are not suitable.


When recording your presentation, focus on highlighting your teaching skills and experience. Emphasize your expertise, methodologies, and what makes you a unique instructor. Less attention should be given to hobbies and personal stories; instead, concentrate on conveying your qualifications and the value you bring to students.


Make sure the camera doesn’t shake, ensuring stable footage. Your face should be fully visible in the frame. Aim for a video quality of 720p, which translates to a resolution of 1280×720 pixels for clear and professional-looking content.

Important: Permitted video formats for upload to the Repetry platform include MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, and FLV, with a maximum file size of 200MB. You can upload videos directly from your device or insert links to videos on YouTube or Vimeo.

What to talk about in a video?

Please follow this content plan for the video to make it successful and informative. 

Introduction (10–15 seconds)

Begin by introducing yourself in a warm and engaging manner. Share your first name and your place of origin. Highlight the languages you teach, setting the stage for what’s to come.

If you are recording a video for one of the languages, then don’t mention the other languages. 

Highlight your skills (25–35 seconds)

Delve into your qualifications, professional experience, and teaching expertise. Paint a vivid picture of how you can help students achieve their language learning goals. Describe your teaching methodology, preferred activities, and specialized areas, such as Business English or exam preparation.

Conclusion (5–10 seconds)

Wrap up your video with a compelling call to action, inviting potential students to book a lesson with you. Express gratitude for their time and interest, leaving them inspired with a motivational message to embark on their language learning journey.

Common mistakes to avoid

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when creating your video introduction:

  • Mentioning your surname or contact details
  • Using frames or borders
  • Applying filters to your video
  • Including other people in the video
  • Using slideshows, presentations, or demo lessons
  • Including logos or links

Wrap-up and additional tips

As you finalize your video introduction for Repetry, keep these additional tips in mind:

  • Be friendly and smile to welcome potential students.
  • Introduce yourself in the teaching language.
  • Showcase fluency in multiple languages with subtitles.
  • Review for quality and content satisfaction before finalizing.

Don’t forget to review the video after recording to ensure satisfaction with sound, image quality, and content. 

Wishing you a successful recording! And remember, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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