7 apps for language practice with a native speaker

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If you’re learning English online with teachers, you can make the most of your free time by using helpful apps for additional practice. Speaking practice is essential for mastering a new language, and these apps can provide the opportunities you need. Whether you’re looking to improve your conversation skills or reinforce what you’ve learned in class, these tools can be a valuable addition to your language learning routine. 

By integrating these apps into your daily practice, you can accelerate your progress and gain the confidence to speak English fluently.


HelloTalk is a unique language learning app that connects users with native speakers from around the world for real-time language exchange. Designed to facilitate both learning and teaching, it offers a social approach to language practice. Users can chat via text, voice messages, and video calls, making it easy to practice speaking and listening skills in a natural, conversational setting.

Features and functionality

HelloTalk’s primary feature is its text-based chat system, which allows users to communicate with language partners in real-time. The app includes built-in translation tools, which can be used to understand messages in different languages and to aid in learning. Additionally, HelloTalk offers voice and video call functionalities, enabling more immersive language practice. The app’s “Moments” feature is akin to a social media feed where users can share posts, ask questions, and receive corrections from native speakers. This feature promotes community interaction and provides a platform for cultural exchange.


HelloTalk is particularly useful for learners because it provides an opportunity to practice speaking and listening in a real-world context, which is often missing in traditional classroom settings. The app’s correction tools allow users to receive instant feedback on their language use, helping them to improve accuracy and fluency. Moreover, the global community of learners on HelloTalk means you can find language partners who are available at any time, making it convenient to fit language practice into your schedule.


Tandem is a popular language exchange app that connects users with native speakers to practice their target language through chat, voice, and video calls. With millions of users worldwide, Tandem provides an excellent platform for language learners to improve their skills by engaging in real-life conversations.

Features and functionality

Tandem offers a variety of communication options, including text, voice messages, and video calls. Users can search for language partners based on their interests, proficiency levels, and learning goals. The app also features a built-in translation tool and correction function, which allows users to receive instant feedback and corrections on their language use. Additionally, Tandem’s language proficiency test helps users to match with partners who have a similar level of fluency.


The key benefit of Tandem is its emphasis on personalized language learning. By connecting with language partners who share similar interests, users can make learning more engaging and relevant. The app’s correction feature helps learners improve their language accuracy and fluency. Tandem’s community is active and supportive, making it easy to find partners to practice with at any time. This personal connection can significantly boost motivation and confidence in speaking the target language.


Speaky is another innovative language exchange app that brings together a global community of language learners. It focuses on facilitating text and voice conversations between users who want to improve their language skills through mutual exchange.

Features and functionality

Speaky’s platform is user-friendly and straightforward, offering text and voice chat options. Users can filter potential language partners by language, interests, and proficiency levels. The app also provides a translation feature to help users understand messages and communicate more effectively. Speaky includes a correction tool that enables users to correct each other’s messages, fostering a collaborative learning environment.


Speaky is particularly beneficial for those who prefer a more casual and social approach to language learning. The app’s straightforward interface and large community make it easy to find language partners quickly. The correction tool ensures that users can improve their language skills in real-time, learning from their mistakes and gaining confidence. 


Bilingua is a language exchange app designed to match users with native speakers for mutual language practice. It focuses on creating meaningful connections between language learners through personalized matching and engaging communication features.

Features and functionality

Bilingua stands out with its intelligent matching algorithm, which pairs users based on their language goals, interests, and proficiency levels. The app offers text, voice, and video chat options, providing a range of ways to practice language skills. Bilingua also includes a translation tool to facilitate smoother conversations and a correction feature to help users improve their language accuracy. Additionally, the app has a built-in cultural exchange element, allowing users to learn about each other’s cultures and traditions while practicing the language.


Bilingua’s personalized matching system ensures that users find language partners who are a good fit for their learning needs and interests, making practice sessions more effective and enjoyable. The various communication options allow learners to practice in the way that suits them best, whether through text, voice, or video. The correction feature is beneficial for improving language accuracy and gaining confidence in speaking. The cultural exchange aspect adds an enriching dimension to language learning, making it more engaging and insightful. 

The Mixxer

The Mixxer is a free language exchange platform created by Dickinson College that connects language learners from around the world. It facilitates language practice through Skype conversations and offers a straightforward, academic-oriented approach to language exchange.

Features and functionality

The Mixxer is designed to connect users for language practice via Skype, making it simple and effective for speaking practice. Users can search for language partners based on the language they are learning and their native language. The platform supports text, voice, and video chats, providing flexibility in communication. Additionally, The Mixxer offers resources for language learners, such as writing correction and conversation tips, to help users improve their skills.


The Mixxer’s focus on Skype conversations makes it an excellent choice for those who want to practice speaking and listening skills in real-time. The platform’s academic roots mean that it often attracts serious language learners, which can lead to more productive and focused practice sessions. The availability of additional resources, like writing corrections and conversation tips, adds value to the learning experience. The Mixxer’s global community offers a diverse range of language partners, making it easy to find someone to practice with at any time. 


Meetup is an online platform that facilitates in-person gatherings for various interests, including language exchange and practice. It connects language learners with native speakers and fellow learners in their local area.

Features and functionality

Features and functionality include creating and joining language-focused groups, organizing and attending language exchange events, RSVP system, search filters for language-specific meetups, and communication tools for members. The app also offers event management tools for organizers.


Benefits of using Meetup for language learning include opportunities for real-life language practice, cultural exchange, networking with fellow language enthusiasts, and improving conversational skills in a supportive environment. It’s particularly useful for those who prefer face-to-face interactions and want to combine language learning with social activities.


MyLanguageExchange is an online community dedicated to language exchange, connecting language learners with native speakers worldwide for mutual language practice and cultural exchange.

Features and functionality

Key features include language partner matching based on the languages you know and want to learn, text, voice, and video chat options, language exchange lesson plans, and a vocabulary-building section. The platform also offers forums for discussion and a pen pal feature for written practice.


The main benefits of MyLanguageExchange are access to native speakers from around the world, flexible practice options (written or spoken), structured learning resources, and the ability to learn and teach simultaneously. It’s especially valuable for those seeking regular language practice with native speakers without geographical limitations.


Remember that these types of applications are only supplementary, and you won’t be able to learn a language from scratch using such programs alone. For comprehensive learning, you need lessons with teachers, which you can get on our online platform Repetry.


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